3 Reasons You Should Download Kiana Ledé’s EP “Selfless”

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Everybody that knows me knows that there are many things that I love. But people that REALLY know me, know that three things top the list:

1.) LOVE (duh)
2.) Babies and….

Coincidentally, all of those things go together quite nicely on this here Valentine’s Day, huh? But I digress. Right now, the focus is on that third love: music. Namely music from rising Republic Records star Kiana Ledé. You may recognize her from her YouTube covers including her rendition of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” that garnered over 40 million cumulative plays. Plain and simple, I’m giving you three reasons why you MUST check out Kiana Ledé’s debut EP “Selfless”.

Reason 1: It’s real and relatable

If you watched the Grammys this past Sunday, you probably remember that one of the highlights of the show was Alicia Keys’ ‘I Wish I Wrote Them” medley of songs that she wishes she had written. Well, with lyrics like “I gave you time, cuz I was blind and I was patient/tried to focus on the good times, but the bad outweighed it,” I’m sure many would agree that listening to “Selfless” might feel like listening to a page out of your diary.

Reason 2: Vocals

I live for amazing vocals, and Kiana Ledé is serving just that. Sultry, stately, but packed with power, the girl’s got range. This clip of her singing “Fairplay” which is featured on the “Selfless” EP puts that range on full display.

Reason 3: She’s just getting started

“Selfless” is a solid compilation of sounds that will give you “the feels” as some would say. At seven tracks totaling just 21 minutes, “Selfless” is a smooth listen and will likely leave you wanting more, just like it’s supposed to. She’s young, her sound is fresh, and she has all of the necessary elements to bring some heat on her debut album, and I’m here for all of it! She’s on tour with Ella Mai right now, so be sure to catch her while you can.

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