Sexy and Saved

Sexy and Saved: The Film

Sexy and Saved is a documentary that addresses sexism that occurs in the church. With Christian women as the focus, the conversation goes beyond the realm of sexism and into the area of gender-roles, body-image, and sensuality in Christianity. As a 90-minute documentary film, Sexy And Saved allows both Christian clergy and laypersons to openly discuss the roles and expectations of women in the church.

Sexy and Saved begins by taking a look at one of the earliest instances of gender bias in the church: the story of A Woman Caught In Adultery. Women who serve in ministry are often accused of being “worldly”, or “distracting” due to not only their attire, but their God-given attributes. Whether it be their shapely physiques or the height of their heels, women in the church face a level of scrutiny that is absent when talking about men. Anything from a hairstyle, make-up decision, or a pair of shoes can be Sunday’s hot topic if not chosen carefully. In a time where pop culture and social media are dominant forces in the lives of “Generation Y”, the women in Sexy and Saved iterate the importance of having images of women who are serving God’s Kingdom, as role models for young women to look up to.

Sexy and Saved is meant to be a catalyst for dialogue among men and women about some of the more controversial topics in Christianity: women in leadership and body-image. The conversation includes input from both conservative, and liberal viewpoints of Christian theologians, clergymen, spouses, and laymen about their thoughts about and personal experiences of sexism in the church.