Xscape Reunion: 2017 BET Awards

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So I, like millions of others was EXTREMELY excited to hear that Xscape would be performing at this year’s BET Awards after an almost two decades-long hiatus. While I was glad to see all of the ladies together on stage again, I was particularly ecstatic to see and hear Tameka “Tiny” Harris back on a stage in! I love, love, LOVE her! And it seems like the audience did too. There were cheers and whatnot when the group started with the opening hook to “Understanding”, but when Tiny started her solo there was definitely a higher level of audible enthusiasm. Despite all  the negativity that is often spewed toward her, she’s been a great wife, an awesome mother, loyal friend, and just an all around sweet woman, at least from where I’m sitting *shrug*. To see her do what she loves after almost 20 years just really made my heart smile 🙂 ALL of the ladies did an amazing job last night. Xscape still got it, y’all! I know they better be bringing their tails to DC!

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