Willie Moore Jr. Says: Sweep Her Off Her Feet

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I have been listening to Willie Moore Jr. on my local Praise station (Praise DC 104.1) since he was on in the Evenings. Now that he’s on the Afternoon Drive I’ve had a greater opportunity to really listen to his ministry. This clip is just one of the many hilarious, but completely accurate mini-sermons that he serves on the daily. I mean the man preaches, totally backed up by scripture, but does it in a way that is relatable to millennials. What I love about the Moore, Jr.s is their transparency about faith and family. Most recently, they have written a relationship book called Happily After All. From finances to infidelity, to raising children and complementing one another in ministry, they give it ALL to you straight no chaser.  If you’re single and looking or married and struggling, it’s a book that I would HIGHLY recommend you add to your library. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube pages and follow them on all socials, because it will TRULY bless your entire life!



Willie Moore, Jr. on YouTube

IG: @WillieMooreJrlive

Patricia Moore, Jr. on YouTube

IG: @MrsMakeup1

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