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After many a failed trip to DC due to snowstorm after snowstorm, we finally had a chance to catch up with the very handsome, and extremely charismatic star of VH1’s series “Single Ladies”, Harold “House” Moore. Always on the go, he’s on his way to the airport with his publicist as we speak on the phone. Although things are just heating up between Moore’s character “Terrance”, and his on-screen love interest “Raquel”, played by the gorgeous Denise Vasi, VH1 has decided not to renew the series for another season. But rest assured, there is PLENTY more “Moore” in store for House fans. If you’ve been paying close attention, you’ll know that the strikingly attractive young man from Detroit, Michigan has made quite an evolution in his career over the years. In addition to his recurring role on “Single Ladies”, you may recognize him from videos like Destiny’s Child’s “Girl” (mhmmm that naked behind that ends up handcuffed to the balcony, that was him), or shows like “CSI”, “Necessary Roughness”, and Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”. The former Behavioral Therapist had a lot of insight to share, not only about the entertainment industry, but also about life and love. Wanna know what inspires him, his goals and aspirations, and what he looks for in a woman? Sorry Kanye, but we’ve got ALL the answers 😉

Aggie: What made you want to work as a behavioral therapist?
House: Initially my degree was in education. I was going to pursue my Master’s Degree in Athletic Administration and become a department head for a university or a college or high school or something like that, and then go on to get my doctorate’s. In the process of doing that I had a cousin who worked as a Behavioral Therapist when I graduated from school and moved to Atlanta. So, initially I started off as a youth counselor for a summer program at one of the big non-profits, [where] I worked with a lot of the underprivileged families of Atlanta, called CHRIS Kids. It just evolved. The ability I had to connect with the kids, it kind of put me in a position to excel faster. I was also one of those kids who, for the most part, people always looked at as a problem. So I always knew that I wanted to be one of those people that was part of the solution. I recognized a lot of the reasoning and thought process, and the motives behind some of the kids’ disturbing, or troubled, or what some people considered “bad behavior”.
Aggie: What do you have in the works next?
House: The ultimate goal is feature films, you know, being on the big screen. Television is a means of survival, it does pay the bills. But ultimately the majority of actors that get into acting do it to make it onto the big screen. I’m presented with projects—and this is a matter of when you’re African-American—you have to be conscious. And by me playing a character that most people see as so edgy, I get a lot of offers for roles that I don’t feel as though [they] equate to furthering what I want to do ultimately. You know, it’s a project I can do just to be in it. You get those urban projects that go straight to DVD and stuff like that. I’ve gotten multiple offers for those, and some are very popular and established people as well, but the role’s got to be right, the director’s got to be right, at this point everything’s got to be right. I’ve done everything in this point in my career, strategically. I haven’t compromised or sold out, or jeopardized my integrity. I’m patient, I’m blessed. I feel like what God has for me, I’m gonna have it.
Aggie: How difficult is it to make that kind of a decision, to pass up roles that are offered to you?

House: Well it depends on the position you put yourself in. Single Ladies has gotten me a tremendous amount of buzz, and public interest. I know that I’m resourceful and if push comes to shove, I feel like I have enough talents and other resources, I’ll go do a print job, or I’ll go do a small commercial to create income, or I’ll go do a video game. Once you’ve been in the business long enough, you know ways to make money and survive. So for me it’s not that hard. People ask me ‘how do you do that?’ I never wanna get to the point where I’m desperate. My mindset is different from a lot of actors, what I’m meant to have, I’ma have. A lot of people don’t do the work that’s required, a lot of people just want the attention and success. They don’t want the hard work that goes along with it. As a student of your profession, you find and make ways to survive in it.

Aggie: That’s very, very true.
House: I mean, or if push comes to shove I can do like a lot of these other black actors and just go marry me a Jewish white woman (laughs).
Aggie: And I’m sure a lot of people would NOT be happy about that (laughs).
House: But listen, if there’s an attractive Jewish, non-African American woman, and she got a small waist and some bun-buns, I’m a booty man Aggie, you know…
Aggie: And a lot of Black women would be pissed (laughs).
House: But look, I encourage black women to date outside of their race. We have a biracial president man, we gotta get out of this “black” and “white”.
Aggie: (laughs) But you can’t help who you fall in love with.
House: Yes, you can. We had a summit about this yesterday. Black women, and a lot of women, fall in love with an idea, instead of a reality. Fall in love with reality.
Aggie: Ok, I get the whole falling in love with potential thing.
House: Yea, but don’t fall in love with that. Potential goes both ways. Potential has up and down, and left and right. So you can weigh what you choose to weigh on potential, but weigh all of it, and then you’ll know how heavy it is. And not just what you want to put on the scale.
Aggie: Finish this sentence, “I won’t date you if…”
House: You say “I’m not like everybody else”. Soon as you say that, you’re just like everybody else.
Aggie: Well, now we know what you don’t like, so tell us what your ideal woman looks and sounds like.
House: Well she has to be ambitious, down to earth, someone who’s into being physically active and cares about her health. I majored in college health education. As long as you got ambition, to me ambition is sexy. Success is sexy, it’s attractive. Down to earth, somebody you can talk to. I want a Claire Huxtable with some spunk. The Claire Huxtable demeanor with the Beyoncé drive. So if you could mix Beyoncé and Claire Huxtable, you’ll probably have the chick for House.
Aggie: Do you know what the number one question is from all your female fans?
House: I don’t know…am I bow-legged?
Aggie: (laughs) Oh my gosh, no. Are you single?
House: Yes, I’m single…and I’m bow-legged (laughs)
Aggie: (laughs) What advice do you have for women that are out here “looking for love”?
House: Just be open. Approach experiences open-minded but also [be] realistic. It ain’t no secret. Everybody’s going to be different, everybody’s going to have a different ‘love expectation’. Some people want somebody that’s going to take care of them, some people want somebody that’s going to push them, somebody wants somebody that they can depend on, somebody wants somebody they can argue with. You know, you find out what works for you and that’s what you go for. I can’t give a general secret because I don’t know what [you’re] looking for. You know what you’re looking for. To be honest, my best answer is, that’s a question that you gotta ask yourself. Because that’s a [decision] that you have to make and live with yourself, who you want to love you and how you want to be loved. And my advice to that is for you to find that out, and then that’s what you expect from the person, and people you deal with. Know yourself, and know what you want…and that’s the standard you have for yourself. Understand that it’s a process and don’t be jaded and appreciate it. Love is a muscle you gotta work it, it’ll make it strong.
Aggie: Anything else?
House: Nope, follow me at, @WhozHouse on Twitter, and @HaroldHouseMoore on Instagram. And, we’re gettin’ on the plane. We’re at the airport.
Aggie: Perfect, awesome timing because that was the last question!
House: Perfect, well I thank you for having me, and thank you to all your followers for supporting me. And I’ll see you when I get to DC.
Aggie: Have a safe flight!
House: Alright, you have a good day.

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