Erica Campbell at The Howard Theatre

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Erica Campbell SOLD OUT The Howard Theatre on April 2, 2014. When I say the Holy Ghost fire had the place HOT?! Erica performed several songs from her new solo album, “Help”, including the title track of the same name, the lead single “A Little More Jesus”, the Michael Jackson flavored “Nobody Else”, and a tribute to her late father entitled “Eddie”. Her baby sis Shanta Atkins sang back-up and had a few soul-stirring solos. Erica also performed Mary Mary hits, “Yesterday”, and “God In Me”. And just when we thought the show was over??? She coulda been a track star the way she ran back on that stage. Definitely a rock-star for Jesus 🙂 What a blessed way to celebrate having the #1 Gospel album in the country! The joy that fills my heart for her is sooooo big! Y’Anna Crawley and Ricky Dillard blessed the mic toward the end as well.

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